About Us

    Africa Business Missions is a European company that promote African Business. We organise market entry missions, B2B (business-to-business) meetings and conferences. Moreover, we develop collaborations between all enterprises in order to promote business development in Africa.

    Our team of professionals and experts have several years of experience in African markets and provides exclusive information and insights focused on business strategies that will encourage the competitive advantage of our clients at which they achieve their objectives. We maintain the highest standards of quality and service in research and business missions management.

    Our missions are carefully designed to answer critical aspects of business development in African countries. That is to say, our missions are followed by in-depth research analysis that complies with the current market and business leaders needs. The goal of our missions is to implement strategies and increase your experience and professional skills by networking and generating insights from local partners.

    ABM is a European company that promotes Business in Africa


    Our business delegation experts have unparalleled connections and partnerships all over Africa.

    Our dynamic team is composed of international business development consultants and local partners with strong backgrounds in African markets. Above all, we seek maximum return of investment for our clients. From Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure, Logistics to Supply Chain sector, our approach is always focused on the results our clients want to achieve.

    Our goal is to become the top reference for African business development and African regional integration.

    Our Services


    One of our key services includes providing you with detailed and relevant information of your target market in Africa. As experts locally based in Africa, we compile surveys and in-depth market analyses that often include detailed overviews of facts, figures, legal frameworks, market potential for your products, competitive environment and much more – all individually tailored to your specific requests.

    Various benefits include:

    • Individualized and tailor-made market analysis with relevant information for your product or service
    • In-depth information on the competitive environment of your target market
    • Individual consulting services to answer specific questions
    • Access to our extensive network and local sources of information
    • Professional service including neutrality


    Africa Business Missions is the first choice when it comes to business between companies and Africa. Our target markets covers Mozambique, Angola,  Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal. As reliable partner for both companies and African institutions and business organisations, we offer excellent services and excel in connecting you with the right businesses.

    Our porfolio includes:

    • Market Entry – tax, labor, import requirements; any other inquiries
    • Market Information and Research  – market analysis, tailor-made research of branches

    Most importantly, we take your business inquiries serious and we strive to connect you with the most relevant stakeholders locally by providing you with an individual, tailor-made solution to your needs.


    Together with our African Partners, we organise the mission having in mind your ultimate goals

    MARKET REPORT & Business Intelligence

    We research the market upfront to identify the opportunities that best suits your company and make a report


    Identification of relevant contact person (decision makers) . Acquisition of direct contact details

    Fact Finding Mission

    Preparation of a comprehensive and individualized program for your business trip and arrangement of business meetings with companies and institutions


    One of our most effective services that often leads to long-lasting business partnerships is known as Fact Finding Mission. In other words, this service entails a comprehensive, all-around carefree package of a business trip to your target market organised by us specifically to your needs. Our extensive contact ties locally and comprehensive knowledge of the target market as well as permanent chaperonage throughout the process – preparation, conduction, follow-up – of your business trips, guarantees high success rates for a successful market entry.

     Our services include: 
    • Identification of potential business partners locally on feedback basis with your company
    • Preparation of a comprehensive and individualized program for your business trip
    • Arrangement of business meetings with companies and institutions including itinerary and transport
    • Individual briefing & provision of business itinerary and relevant background information
    • Permanent accompaniment by one of our employees to all meetings throughout your business trip including introduction at meetings, organisational issues, background information on sector specific or cultural aspects
    • Optionally also the organization of presentation events at local venues – inviting sector-specific key players for you to reach out to a large audience by presenting your products or services
    • Other services according to your individual needs
    The model of Business Delegation trips focuses primarily on supporting enterprises in all business sectors with their export endeavours to the African markets. Therefore, these business trips have African Business Organisation and Government Representatives as partners.  The duration for Business Delegation trips covers usually 3 to 4 days and take place in either one or two African countries. We have two models of Business trips: Business Delegation for Market Exploration and Business Mission.

    • Business Delegation for Market Exploration (12-20 participants)
    • Business Mission  (8-12 participants)

    As participants of this missions, all companies will be given the opportunity to present their products or services to selected African private and public stakeholders during a full-day conference. Optionally, b2b meetings will be arranged for participants already during the conference day. The remaining days of the business trip, we arrange group business meeting schedules for all participants. At least one of our employees permanently accompanies the group to all meetings or site-visits. In preparation for the trip, each participant receives an in-depth market study as well as a fact sheet on the target markets.

    In a first step to create first ties with businesses in Africa, we support you in finding relevant and competent customers, distributors, manufacturers and any other essential partners by conducting a comprehensive business partner search and target group analysis.

    The Service Business Partner Search includes:

    • Identification of relevant companies or institutions
    • Identification of relevant contact person and decision makers
    • Acquisition and verification of direct contact details
    • Provision of all reviewed contact information
    • Additional sector-specific target market information
    • Other Services according to your individual needs

    Various benefits include:

    • Cost and Time saving
    • Access to our extensive network of business contacts
    • Professional service including neutrality